What Is The Function Of Door Seals?

Little things hold so much of importance in our daily lives. But we often do not pay much attention to such things because they have become so common. However, we feel their worth when we lose them. These little things might vary from the dustbins to the electric sockets. One such thing which is so important but quite underrated is door seal. We know that the purpose of doors is to provide privacy and security to the people residing inside. There are different types of doors which are divided on the basis of their functioning like fire doors, emergency doors, etc. We know that doors are quite useful objects in themselves but their productivity increases with the installation of door seals.  There are many such things which increase the functioning of doors like door locks, security systems and many more. In this article, we will be discussing about the function of door seals in Sydney.


Doors were introduced to provide privacy to the people. As the time passed, these doors were divided into different types on the basis of their composition and functioning. Metal doors, glass doors, aluminium doors and fibber glass doors are few such kinds of doors divided on the basis of composition. Then there are fire doors, emergency doors, double leaf doors and swing doors which are divided on the basis of their functioning. The security level of doors can be increased by installing door locks and security system. Similarly, the productivity level of these doors can be enhanced by installing entry doors in Sydney.

What is the function of door seals?

Door seals are the structure made up of plastic and rubber to seal the door perfectly. These door seals do not allow the water and wind to pass through the door. Even though the doors without seals fulfil their function of providing privacy but they are not that sealed properly which is why we often see our floors getting wet after the rain. Moreover, doors without the seals allow the flies and mosquitoes to enter hence, causing various diseases.

Door seals prevent the water and wind storm from entering into the house or buildings. Moreover, they are perfectly sealed which is why mosquitoes and flies also cannot enter the house. The plastic or rubber that is used in the composition of door seals is thermoplastic elastometer. This seal or plastic rubber is also known as weather stripping.


The functioning and productivity of doors can be enhanced by installing various things like door locks, security systems and door seals. Door seals are the rubber string like structures that are made by products like thermoplastic elastometer. These seals do not allow the water or wind storms to pass through the door. They firmly bind the door and do not leave any space for water to seep through. “Bismac” offers the best quality of door seals which are quite durable as well. Besides that; fire doors, solid core doors and other such products are also available there.