Making your name as an artist

Many people do not have much faith in artists, their talents and their ability to make money however, if you are creative enough and if you have patience, you will be able to build up your name to a point where people will be commissioning their art work needs to you. You will need to be patient and get a regular full time job for printing services at the beginning while you paint or create art because it is unlikely that you will start making a lot of money eventually but being an artist is like being a brand. You need people to see your work and recognize it in order to create a need for it in the market.

Approach prospective buyersYou will need to make a list of all the people who are likely to buy your moulding chop service at Art and Framing. This can be a list of hotels in your home town or country or a list of art collectors. Many people will be willing to pay a lot of money for a very unique original artwork and if you give it to them at a nominal price, you will be able to have a place to display your artwork so that people will see the work and fall in love with it.

Of cours,e you will have to invest a little money in picture framing and other small things to make your work more elegant and have a good presentation to increase the amount of money that you can charge for it.A picture moulding chop service will usually be able to do this for you in the most unique way possible for the lowest cost.

You will also want to use social media and the internet to create awareness about your work and yourself as an artist You can have a Facebook page and an instagram account to help you to display your work and show people what you are capable of. You will never know, but you may even be lucky enough to catch the attention of an art collector on instagram who might be willing to invest a lot of money in your work. You can also possibly host a few art events where people can come and watch you paint at a coffee shop or a bar in order to create more interest in what you do and in your name as an artist. You will find that there are many art collectors who will want to be the first to discover you and they may approach you to buy your first piece of art.