How To Involve The Children When Your Garden

In this day and age, you don’t see many children showing any concern for the environment. That is because unlike us they did not grow up playing outdoors. Instead, they spend all their time indoors glued to their electronic devices. However, in the age of global warming, it is crucial for children to learn about the environment. Therefore as parents, it is your responsibility to ensure that they spend time outdoors. Furthermore, you also have to ensure that they learn about nature. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this task would be to let them garden. However, we understand that you may not know how to get the children involved.

Involve Them In Your Chores
For parents, weekends don’t necessarily signify sleeping in and not doing anything. Instead, they use this time to catch up on household chores they neglected during the week. This therefore also applies to the outdoor chores. We understand that children may also have some chores around the house. But you can also gather them to help you with the gardening chores. For instance, we can guarantee that they would love something like a  large tree removal Perth. When you detach them from their laptops and smartphones they would see how fun nature can be. This is one of the first steps that you can take to entice them.

Plant a Garden For Them
Older children never follow their parents. Instead, they normally have things to do by themselves. This can be anything from watching television to reading. But that is not the case when it comes to younger children. What they like to do more than anything is follow after their parents. In that case more likely than not they may see you But you must have probably told them that they are too young to help. That is in fact true. But that does not mean they are too young to the garden. Instead what you can do is create them a small garden. It does not have to contain many plants. You can initially have one or two plants but you have to ensure they are either vegetable or flowers. That is because they would then have something to see for their efforts. Furthermore, when they grow vegetables by themselves they would be tempted to eat them. That is always a plus point.Getting your children interested in the environment may seem like a challenging task at first. But you can use the above tips to attract them to this process. tree-cutting