Customers Queries Answered By Skip Bin Guys

The very idea that a company provides bins which can be hired is quite an anomaly, and when discovered about the extents that not only do Skip Bin Guys provide bins, but also recycle waste in it is a service that must be applauded. As all companies have certain rules and regulations regarding how their products are to be used, so do Skip Buy Guys. When asked which items cannot be placed inside the skip bins, the makers answered that all kinds of liquid waste, or waste that is hazardous in nature should not be dumped in, in addition any sort of food should not be thrown into these skip bin hire Parramatta. These bins are also not designed to carry paints, oil, and gas etc. But then the question arises that what should one do with all these items, so if you have any of these waste materials, you should immediately contact them at the following number 0426 267 601.

Another important aspect that must be cared about not only in terms of the maintenance of the bin but also for the general public, and it is that the bins should not be overly filled such that waste comes out. To ensure that, they have created a mark within the bin, so that when you are dumping waste, you can see that you are over loading it or not, And beware as over loading bins in most part is considered illegal as it can have adverse effects on those who reside in the nearby areas. So if your bin fills, due to the fact that waste production is much larger than its capacity, then you can order for another one from bin hire Penrith.

If you haven’t by now got one of their bins, then what are you waiting for, contact them immediately. Customers often ask if they deliver orders over the weekdays only. Well the answer to this question is that products are delivered on all days of the week including the weekends. This obviously is a plus point as most companies only provide delivery of orders during working days. Linked to delivery is the next question, which is about payment. As you are dealing through call and placing order online, therefore the mode of payment is also in sync, this means that you can pay for your products through your Master Card, Visa Card and also American Express.

Another customer concern is that how long would it take them to deliver orders, and for this, Skip Bin Guys have devised a special policy. According to this policy, if your order for the product you are interested in having before ten thirty in the morning, then they shall deliver it to you on that very day. Otherwise the day after or so depending upon how far you live away from their location in Baulkham Hills. As these bins are available only on hire basis, then you should also know the fact these bins will be collected by the company from you after seven days.