Which Factors Affect The Cost Of Timber Fence Contractors?

timber fencing contractors

Timber fencing is a great idea for changing the look of your home or garden. Moreover, it can be installed for security purposes. Well, all you need is the timber fence and the timber fencing contractors in sydney.

Before you deal with the timber fencing contractors they visit the area where you want to install the timber fence. Give you the estimated amount of their labour, then the deal is done. When they visit your place they look at several things on which the timber fence cost depends. So let us have a look at the factors on which the cost of timber fencing contractors falls.

Factors of cost:

Several factors affect the timber fence cost. You must know the factors. So, you can easily estimate the cost before the contractor arrives.

Area for fence installing:

The main thing that the timber fencing contractors look at is the area where you want to install the timber fence. In different areas, there are different rates. The range of timber fence costs is from $55 to $110 per meter. The contractor will look at the area and then you the estimated cost of their labour.

Type of fence:

The other thing that matters a lot in the timber fence cost is the type of fence. Which fence you want to install. Different types require different efforts. The timber fencing contractors will ask you about the material you want to use, then they can give the estimated cost of their labour. If you want the cost must be affordable then select the treated pine. It can decrease the labour cost because it is easy to install.

Land type:

If the land where the fence has to be installed is normal, then the timber fence cost does not increase. But in case the land has much soil or rocky, then labour asks to pay the cost of his efforts. Because dealing with the rocky or soil land for fencing is not easy. Hence, it requires time and effort to set the fence accurately.

Size of the fence:

Many people prefer to install the timber fence at normal height but some want it double. If the size is increased, then the timber fence cost also increases because the double fencing requires scaffolding and special safety by the timber fencing contractors. Hence, you have to pay more for this.


In short, the timber fencing contractors can perform their tasks efficiently if they get the cost of their efforts. Moreover, it is good to contact different contractors because there are changes in the rate. After visiting several contractors hire the one who is affordable and gives you quality work. Please visit justfencingsydney.com.au for more information.